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School Year 2019-2020

Classroom Grant Campaign

Ever wonder how teacher's make their rooms so cool for the kids they are investing in? Or how about if students run out of supplies during the year? Or maybe even where they get their latest teaching materials from?

A lot of times teachers dig into their own pockets to make everything happen. Crazy, huh!? 

Well, the CWLS PTO wants to help teachers build the classrooms they want and support the students that need it most, without having to use their own funds to do it. 

Be a hero. Help a teacher. 

F U N D E D !

All of our 85 Classroom Grants have been FULLY FUNDED for the 2019-2020 School Year! 

Thank you to all of the families and businesses that have made this possible!


The PTO is involved in several programs that benefit CW teachers, students and families. Click the link below to help us keep all of them funded for the year!